Raw Honey

Bee Propolis—the active ingredient in honey that keeps the colony alive—is a phytonutrient that alkalizes in the stomach unlike all other sweeteners that are acidic and put strain on your digestive system. Honey has been linked to numerous other health benefits such as fighting indigestion, suppressing coughs, and decreasing pollen related allergies. Honey is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial with a high numbers of antioxidants making it a natural skin and hair care ingredient as well as a great moisturizer. Honey’s antiseptic nature makes it great for fighting acne without damaging your skin. Honey is also great for cooking, baking, and allergy relief. 

The flavor and color of honey depends on the pollen collected from individual flowers. Our Wildflower Honey is a blend of many flowers gathered in the summer months making it a unique flavor each harvest. Thicker and darker than other honey, it provides more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, than lighter honey. Our golden clover honey is a combination of white Dutch clover, white blossom clover, and yellow blossom clover. Mild and sweet in flavor, this floral honey is very versatile.