Honey from the Hives to your Home

At Zach&Zoe we are a family working hard to create our product with the care it deserves. Like our Bees, we work very hard to bring our 100% Raw Honey to you! Our task is to ensure that our Bees are well taken care of and all of their needs are met to give them the best conditions to develop their colonies. With strong and happy bees working hard with 110% efficiency, we produce our high quality 100% Bee Honey.

Like our Bees , we take utmost care of our products; we bottle our honey manually, without adding any additives or preservatives. Our honey comes from the hive to the jar without any heat treatment, preservatives or anything that could decay the nutritional content of honey ( enzymes, anti-oxidants, antibiotics, etc…).

With a high quality honey base ( RAW Honey ), we work to widen its benefits while catering to the market demand, offering different flavors for different palates that our beekeepers select under strict quality control in ideal proportions.

Organic - Raw - Honey

We offer our clients flavors such as Raw Wildflower Honey with Beetroot which increases the benefits of Honey. By adding Beetroot, additional benefits like reducing cholesterol, fighting osteoporosis, diabetes, anemia, etc are introduced in our products.


Zach&Zoe's Honey flavors :

Raw Honey Flavors