Creamed Pumpkin Spice

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Fall in a jar!  This honey is amazing.  Who doesn't love PUMPKIN?  The smell, flavor and color magically makes you think of fall - leaves turning color, fireplaces being used, the days getting a bit shorter.  The flavor profile of this iconic spice blend will remind you of Mom's hot pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole.  Pumpkin is also very healthy for you, packed with fiber and Vitamin C!  Use it in all your favorite warm fall and winter drinks, and enjoy!

Note: Actual appearance of honey may vary by flavor profile.

Size: 16oz

SuperFood Infused for Your Health

With a variety of hand-selected and organic superfoods that taste delicious

Sustainably Sourced from our Garden

Of over 3 Million bee friends using a beefirst mindset

All Natural 100%
Raw Honey

Free of any added sugars, wax, or pesticides

Seasonal Favorites That Our Hive Loves